A fun group of people

One of my favorite days of each week is Tuesday, when Hillsboro Rotary meets. I look forward to the weekly lunches at the Ponderosa banquet center.

First, you need to have very thick skin, whether you’re a judge, a lawyer, a doctor, a banker or any of the other businesspeople who are members of Rotary. Everyone is fair game for barbs and insults — but all delivered in good-natured fashion. Visitors from other Rotary clubs often comment on what a fun group they find at Hillsboro.

I also enjoy visiting the Greenfield Rotary Club, which is a little smaller but just as congenial.

But in Hillsboro, be careful about leaving a meeting early, as I did last week — you might find yourself nominated for something.

So far, I have perfect attendance since 2011, thanks to the ability to do “make ups” if you do happen to be away when a meeting is held. Rocky Coss has a more amazing string, numbering into 30-plus years. I might catch him if I live to be 100.

There are great service clubs locally and regionally. I encourage you to join one. If you’re interested in becoming a Rotarian, just let me or another member know. Happy to bring you as a guest so you can see what it’s all about — but check your ego at the door.

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